Book to Movie wishlist TAG

Hi Guys! This post is going to be the Book to Movie wishlist tag. I am not sure who started this Tag but I saw it on dreamlandbookblog and her post is here. This tag requires you to choose 5 books that you really want to be turned into movies. I have only chosen 4 however because I didn’t want to choose a book just for the sake of choosing a book. I wasn’t tagged to do this post but I thought that it would be really fun to do. This list is not in any particular order just the order that I thought of them in and saw them on my shelf. This post may also seem very repetitive.

  • The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer: I love this book series so much which is pretty evident by the many times I have spoken about it on here. There is just such great characters and the world in this book that I think that it would translate well into film. I plan to finish this series in the month of February.
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by John Tiffany and J.K. Rowling: This is a quite obvious choice. This screenplay is being performed as a play but I think that it would be a really great film. I have yet to read this screenplay but many people have negative things to say about it.
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas: I think that this would be a very popular movie. Many non-readers may not want to read this series because it’s so long. I think that this may be better as a TV show since there are a lot of details and it is a very long series. Once again the characters and the world in this series are very interesting. I have only read the first book in this series but have heard many great things about it.
  • Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige: While reading this book, I had vivid images in my head and felt like I was watching something instead of reading it. This book is part of a series but I have only read the first one, Dorothy Must Die. This book revives many of the beloved characters that are introduced in the classic Wizard of Oz film. However, this story gives a unique twist to the classic story.

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Keep Reading, Tara.

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