How I plan my monthly TBR

Hey guys! I am so happy to be back and posting again. I’ve had 5 weeks at university and I am absolutely loving it. In this post I will be writing about some of the challenges I have set to help create my monthly TBRs. These challenges only really occur when I don’t have many read-a-thons. I’m not really a mood reader since if I read based on my mood I would only read like 1 book a month. 

The first thing I do is look at the read-a-thons I wish to participate in that month and the challenges I wish to complete. For example, for the month of April I am participating in the element-a-thon which had 5 challenges however I am only planning on completing 4. I then pick the 4 books which fit the challenges which I want to read. I am also participating in the O.W.L.s Read-a-thon which is a very unique read-a-thon. Basically you pick a career which has a certain number of prompts you need to complete. I chose to be an Auror which had 5 prompts so therefore I chose 5 books to read. 

Next, I would look at the few book clubs that I follow and see what their books of the month are. I don’t feel like I have to read these books and only decide to read them if they truely interest me. For example this month i decided not to read any book club books because I wasn’t interested in the plot. 

Now depending on how many books I already have on my TBR I have a few other challenges in which I choose books for. My April TBR was already really big so I did not choose to complete any of these challenges. The first challenge I have is my TBR jar. A lot of people have already spoken about TBR jars but I basically just choose 3 out of the jar and I definitely have to read at least 1 of them.

I then do a thing called bookopoly which i first heard about from Becca and The Books from YouTube. I will link her video here so you can see the rules and I will be uploading another post soon explain in greater detail how I plan. So I roll the dice 3 times and choose 3 books which fit the genres that I landed on. 

The last one is my goodreads jar which is based on Alexa from YouTube video which is linked here. The number of these that I pull out of my jar also depends on the number of books on my TBR so far. There are multiple ways that you can sort your bookshelves on Goodreads.  In my jar I have:

  • Date added – oldest 
  • Date added – newest 
  • Publication year – newest 
  • Publication year – oldest 
  • Title – top (a)
  • Title – bottom (z)
  • Number of pages – highest 
  • Number of pages – lowest 
  • Average rating – lowest 
  • Average rating – highest 
  • Author – top (a)
  • Author – bottom (z)

This is how I plan my monthly TBRs. I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can plan your monthly TBR. Thanks for reading my post. Remember to like this post and follow my blog to stay up to date on my content. 

Keep Reading, Tara. 

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