How I Plan to Improve my Life

Hey Guys! Lately my mental health has not been the greatest. there are some things that I want to implement into my life to help clear my mind and improve my overall outlook on life. These ideas are in no way original but I think that by posting them and putting it out into the universe it will help me continue with this journey.


Firstly, I want to start journaling a lot more. I feel like journaling helps me to clear my mind which in turn helps my mental health. I also feel that by journaling I will be more organised. Not only am I going to be journaling my thoughts I also want to use my journal as a way to plan and draft my blog posts.

Clean + Fresh Air

Another thing that I want to do is eventually completely declutter my room. Most of the time when I organise my room I tend to just find a place for everything instead of considering if I actually need it. Therefore, I have a lot of junk that needs to go. I also want to make it a habit of opening my window daily to allow fresh air into my room.

Nutrition + Exercise

This is one of the most obvious things on this list which is why I joined nutrition and exercise together. I want to start making healthier food choices and only drink water and tea. I tend to drink soft drink more than water and I want to fully cut soft drink out of my diet. I also want to make the effort to go outside for a walk. By going for a walk daily I will be able to exercise and also get some fresh air. This will allow me to destress and clear my head.

Social Media Detox

Over the last couple of months I have been passively scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. I want to eventually delete Facebook of my phone and just use it on my laptop since I know that this will limit my use. I also want to have scheduled times to use social media or set myself a time limit for my social media use.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope that you continue to read in the future. I would really appreciate it if you would follow my blog and Instagram. Thanks for reading, Tara.

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