How I plan my monthly TBR

Hey guys! I am so happy to be back and posting again. I’ve had 5 weeks at university and I am absolutely loving it. In this post I will be writing about some of the challenges I have set to help create my monthly TBRs. These challenges only really occur when I don’t have many... Continue Reading →

NewYearsAThon Wrap Up

Hey guys! I participated in the NewYearsAThon which was from the 1st of January to the 7th January. I personally did not start the read-a-thon until the 3rd of January. When I decided that I was going to participate and was choosing my TBR for the challenges I realised that I would not be about... Continue Reading →

Yearly Reading Goals

I have contemplated my reading goals a lot over the past few years. However, this year I am really happy with what I have planned. Every year I start with my Goodreads reading challenge. In the past I have either quit my challenge or never met my goal because I forgot to continually update my... Continue Reading →

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