My Book Wishlist

Hey Guys! In this post, I will be listing some of the books which are on top of my to buy list. A lot of the time I choose to write lists of books to buy instead of actually buying the books. Then when I buy books I end up choosing random ones or new... Continue Reading →

January Book Haul

Hi Guys! This month I have bought a total of 13 books. I know that the month is not over but since I have already bought so many books I am not planning to buy anymore this month. The first 2 books I bought were Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. These... Continue Reading →

Anticipated New Releases of 2019

These books are in the order that they will be released in. I may make another post towards the middle of the year if more books are announced. I have included some books which will be part of different series in this post and not my anticipated sequels post they are the first books in... Continue Reading →

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